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  • Good Life

    Retreats – Christian Spiritual Deliverance

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    The Power of Retreats

    Life is purposed to be enjoyed and not to get regretted. Do you feel rejected? Could you be losing hope? Do you understand the origin of your troubles? Are you making headway in your quest to solve your problems? Does it take you too long to make just a simple move compared to others? In “The Power of Retreats,” you get to grasp the rectification methods and how to avoid falling back. Through the true stories and testimonies in this book, you will find out:-

    • How to identify the cause of your predicaments.
    • Why many people are living in slavery?
    • How to tackle your setbacks.
    • How to gain stability in your life.

    Your actions determine the bottom line of your life. If you are not sure of the most important things to do to shape your life, find them in this book.



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  • Secrets to Matrimonial Bliss

    Secrets to Matrimonial Bliss

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    Secrets to Matrimonial Bliss The Power of Retreats

    When two people fall in love and consummate it in matrimony, the sole intention is to commit their lives to it. However, thoughts of walking out of the marriage ensue along the way in most homes. Why is it so? What are the causes of love turning sour? How can you safeguard your marriage? In “The Secrets to Matrimonial Bliss,” the overall success of a marital union right from inception is clearly explained. You will find among others:-

    • The causes of hiccups in marriages.
    • How to handle bridal shower parties.
    • How and when to wed.
    • How to make sure your marriage is the envy of people.

    You probably have tried applying various practices to salvage your marriage, and you don’t seem to be getting a solution. Find the lifelong answers in this book. Likewise, if you are a wedding aspirant, you are also a candidate for this book.

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